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Wu Style UK Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan means 'Supreme Ultimate Fist', and has its origins in Taoism and the concept of Yin and Yang; dynamically opposing forces complementing each other to achieve harmony. The Tai Chi Chuan practitioner seeks to neutralise his opponent's use of force employing the minimum amount of energy before applying a countering force of his own. Tai Chi Chuan is a formidable Chinese martial art, which is also beneficial to health. In modern Western Society it is thought of more from the health aspect and many students do not even realise they are in fact practising a complex and deadly internal martial art. The oldest authenticated style of Tai Chi Chuan, dating from the 1600's, is Chen style which all other styles owe their origin to. The five main styles in order of popularity are; Yang, Wu, Chen, Wu Hao and Sun.


At the time of its development, Tai Chi Chuan was a deadly fighting art. The 'secrets' of Tai Chi Chuan were jealously guarded by the few families who practised this art and could be used not only to save one's honour but also one's life. It was a powerful defence in those unruly times and it was within this context of life or death struggle that the techniques of Tai Chi Chuan were refined over the centuries. The study of physiology, body mechanics, techniques of relaxation and chi kung (energy cultivation that involves the coordination of posture, breathing and intent) were all refined into the Art we practive today. Tai Chi offers the practitioner the opportunity to improve focus and perspective and promote the circulation of vital energies creating harmony in mind and body thus helping to achieve robust good health and potential lengevity.


The Tai Chi Chuan Form is a sequence of slow moving martial exercises, performed in a precise, continuous, circular manner with the whole body as relaxed as possible and the mind guiding each movement. The complete system would also include training in applications, push hands, sparring, sabre, sword, spear, chi kung and Tai Chi philosophy.


Tai Chi Chuan is practised worldwide and many people consider it to be an integral part of their everyday lives, leading to improved health, a calm stress-free mind and a flexible body. Tai Chi Chuan gently stimulates the internal organs, exercises the body, calms the nervous system, helps to lower blood pressure and mobilises the joints. With correct regular practice, the Tai Chi Chuan Form leaves you feeling warm, relaxed and gently stimulated. In time, the mind gains a calmness, stillness and clarity rarely experienced with other forms of exercise, thus helping to alleviate stress and leaving you feeling energised. It is well known in the medical profession as many western doctors are advising patients to take up Tai Chi Chuan as an exercise for body and mind, especially as age is no barrier - medical articles.


Fifth generation Master (Eddie) Wu Kwong Yu is "Gatekeeper" of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan which is officially acknowledged by the Chinese Wushu Association who set the examination criteria for the Chinese Wushu Duanwei (grading) System. In China. The various traditional Chinese martial arts, including Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan, are considered to be national treasures.


Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan is an efficient self defence system that can help you achieve better health, fitness, relaxation, peace of mind and equilibrium. This website offers information on the Wu Family Style of Tai Chi Chuan including Wu Style History, Hand and Weapon Forms, UK Academies and Training Centres, Certified Instructors, Federation information and interesting links. Master (Eddie) Wu Kwong Yu visits the UK regularly and holds workshops in London, open to all Tai Chi Chuan stylists.